Kolhapuri Chapples

Kolhapur is known for its art and handicrafts. One of its sovereign gift to the world is spotless Kolhapuri Chappals (Slippers), which are manufactured by skilled and subtle persons who live only on art.Any creation of these artisans turns into exceptional and captivating product. Their devotion and hardwork made this handicraft recognised by whole world and each Chappal produced is the replica of their mind and culture.

Kolhapuri Chappal Kolhapuri Chappal
  1. These are durable, smooth to use and sober in colours.
  2. Made from 100% Cow calf, and Buffalow calf leathers
  3. Available in three colours, oil, natural and polish.
  4. Free from all allergic properties
  5. So smart, so light, so trim that you will want to wear them anywhere.
  6. Available in all sizes. (Gents and Ladies)
  7. Special leather hand stiching and hand made punching.
  8. Soft, silky and sober to use.
  9. It enhances the beauty of your feet by means of highly elaborated designs. It will protect your feet and will provide relief instead of scatheing.
  10. Decent dexterity and elegant look of the work on the leather has made it one of the best.
Kolhapuri Jewelary

Kolhapuri Saaj It is a special type of neckless which is very popular with Maharastrian Women. The 'saaj' is designed in all over Maharashtra but the Kolhapuri Saaj is famous.

Kolhapuri Jewelary Kolhapuri Jewelary
Kolhapuri Jaggary

The sugarcane produced in fertile land of Kolhapur is rich in Sugar grain and the colourbody proportion is less compared to other areas. So while preparing jaggery, the coloured impurity is easily removed to maximum extent. The traditional jaggery blenders are specialised in the blending it to light red-brown colour as required. This light coloured and rich in sweetness jaggery is very famous. The place where jaggery is made is called Gurahla. There is a tradition to have dinners in this Gurahlas and ofcourse the menu is Kolhapuri Mutton and Rassa.

Kolhapuri Jaggary Kolhapuri Jaggary
Kolhapuri Kusti(Wrestling)

'Kusti,' wrestling is popular game at Kolhapur. Some of the Kings were themselves good wrestlers. Almost every week Kusti festivals were arranged here in their period. That time Kusti festivals were in open ground preparing temperory 'Kusti Houda,' special platform for Kusti. It was King Shahu, being himself a good wrestler was thinking to have permanent stadium for Kusti festival. When he was on Europe tour he saw famous stadium 'Callocium' at Rome and decided to build such stadium at Kolhapur. After returning from tour he constructed the Khasbaug Maidan style of 'Callocium' of Rome. Khasbaug Kusti Maidan is Unique in India. Over 60000 people can see the Kusti at the central Houda clearly without any disturbance. Separate platform is there for Royal family on eastside of the Houda.

Kolhapuri Kusti(Wrestling)

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